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Lifeguard Shortage

City of Beeville Community Engagement Director Michelle Myers said the city needs to hire more certified lifeguards for the duration of summer.

Klipstein Park Gets a Makeover

You may have noticed the improvements being made at Klipstien Park on Adams Street. The improvements were mostly driven by several major factors: One was a donation made by the Beeville Lions Club to install a shade stricture over the existing swing…

Beeville Fire Dept. Answering the Call

This is a story KRIS Channel 6 has been following since January when Beeville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bill Burres told us more volunteer firefighters were needed.Burres said there have been 121 calls so far this year, the number from January…

Signed and Sealed

The City of Beeville has closed a deal on the acquisition of the former Hughes Oil & Gas Building.Read more about the acquisition on MySoutex.com

Beeville's New City Hall

Beeville City Hall, police station to be demolished, turned into green spaceCity officials announced they had bought the two story Dan Hughes Oil Company building to serve as the new city hall and police department.

2023 State of the City

Mayor Brian Watson, in partnership with the Beeville Chamber of Commerce, presented the City of Beeville's first State of the City speech March 23, 2023. In this, the mayor recognized City Council's accomplishments, long-standing city employees, as …

Beeville hopes to cut unemployment rate

Beeville officials hoping to cut unemployment rate by continuing businesses growth in the areaEconomic leaders are working on a number of projects that could land the area even more manufacturing and retail businesses.