Upcoming Water Project

Upcoming Water Project

(Summarized words of John Benson, City Manager)


  • Begins: Wednesday, May 15th
  • Ends: Monday, July 15th

The City of Beeville will disinfect water lines during this period.

Contact Information:

Key Information:

1. Water Safety:

  • The water will be safe to drink and use for hygiene (bathing, laundry, dishes).

2. Water Taste and Smell:

  • The water may taste or smell like chlorine, similar to a swimming pool.
  • Water may occasionally appear yellow or light green.
  • If you smell mold or must, flush your hot water heater.

3. Water Service Interruptions:

  • No service interruptions are expected, but unforeseen repairs might cause brief outages.
  • You might see more frequent line flushing in the city.

John Benson, City Manager

Thank you for your understanding as we improve our water system.

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