John C. Fulghum Event Center

The John C. Fulghum Event Center building.

The John C. Fulghum Event Center offers multiple facilities perfect for hosting weddings, birthday parties, meetings and other events.  

Facility Information and Available Rooms
Room 101
Occupancy:  200
Square Footage:  3600
Tables: 27
Kitchen Availability:  Yes

Room 101A
Occupancy:  60
Square Footage:  1500
Tables:   10
Kitchen Availability:  Yes
Room 101B
Occupancy:  140
Square Footage:  2100
Tables:   17
Kitchen Availability:  Yes

Room 101-B 
 Room 104
Occupancy:  20
Square Footage:  350
Tables:  5
Kitchen Availability: No
 Room 111
Occupancy:  30
Square Footage:  435
Tables:   3
Kitchen Availability:  No

Entire Building
Occupancy:  250
Square Footage:  4385
Tables:   35
Kitchen Availability: Yes
Additional Room Available:
101,104 and 111
 Room 104Room 111 

Facility Pricing and Fees


Fees - No Alcohol101A101B 111 Entire Building 
Reservation (Damage) Deposit WITHOUT Alcohol $200.00$250.00$100.00 $400.00
Rental Fee$200.00$250.00$50.00$400.00
Custodial Fee$150.00$150.00$25.00$250.00
Event Center Reservation Fee per Application$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00

Fees - With Alcohol 101A 101B
 Entire Building
Reservation (Damage) Deposit WITH Alcohol $300.00$350.00
 Rental Fee$200.00$250.00
Custodial Fee$200.00$200.00
Event Center Reservation Fee per Application



Lost Key Fee

For information regarding The Community Center, please contact call 361-358-4641 ext. 201 at City Hall