Senior Citizen Discount Info

Senior Citizen Water Bill Discount

If you are a senior citizen living in Beeville, Texas, you may qualify for a discount on your water and sewer bill. To receive the discount, you must:

  • Be at least 65 years old.
  • Live at the address listed on the application.
  • Have the water/sewer bill in your name.

To apply for the discount, you must complete an application form. You’ll also need to provide photocopies of documents that establish proof of your age and address (i.e., Driver’s License, State ID, copy of Birth Certificate, etc.)

Apply in person

Visit the Utility Administration Department at:

City of Beeville City Hall
400 N. Washington St.
Beeville, TX 78102

Application Form

Senior citizen water bill discount application

Q: How much is the current rate versus the discount rate?
A: With the discount, the charge for residential capacity meter fee, is $6.00 (water) and $11.00 (sewer). The same charge without the discount is $23.82 (water) and $15.96 (sewer).
 Q: When will I see the discount take effect?
 A: The discount will take effect on the next bill.
If you have any other questions about this discount, please contact Utility Billing by phone (361) 358-4641 ext. 230 or e-mail

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General Information
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
400 N. Washington

Hours of Operation:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
First Friday of Every Month Hours:
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Meter Connection Hours:
Must Receive Connection Form by 12 PM for Same day Connection